A word about a friendly dog

February 3, 2011

Saving HomerAlthough I’m a cat, I have a fondness for all anipals, especially rescued ones like me.

One of the things my mama does to make money to buy me turkey is to help people develop web sites. Today she helped her friend and Valley Business FRONT editor develop a web site, Facebook page, and Twitter account to help promote his children’s book, Saving Homer.

It’s a really nice illustrated children’s book about a group of neighborhood children who rescue a Basset hound named Homer from the dog catcher.

I would love it if all my anipal friends and animal rescue organizations – especially Basset hound rescue groups – would stop in and say hi to Homer. You might even want to buy the book. It’s great for kids and adults alike who love nice animal stories with happy endings.

You can find Homer at:


Our Wedding Guestbook

August 27, 2010
Honeybell & Stripey 9-2-2010

Wedding magnet lovingly donated by @danapixie @HollieCatRocks and @SamTheCatRocks! DM @no_crybaby_doGs with your address to get one!

Honeybell and I want to thank you all so much for coming to our wedding! Would you please leave a comment on this page so we’ll have a guestbook to commemorate this wonderful day?

Also, complimentary magnets of our special day have been lovingly donated by @danapixie, @HollieCatRocks, and @SamTheCatRocks. DM @no_crybaby_doGs to get yours! Piccy of Magnet can be found on @HollieCatRocks bloggie.

Again, thank you so much! Honeybell and I are grateful to count each of you as wonderful furriends!



August 9, 2010

Rumblepurr's #stripeypawty Present

Rumblepurr's RumbleCake

Many thanks for @HollieCatRocks and her beloved spouse @SamTheCatRocks for a most wonderful bridal shower and stag pawty – #stripeypawty – on August 6th.

The event was catered by @Herbie_Cat, and the food was pawesome! My handsome fiance’ @Wildboutbirds stuffed himself silly. (I’m hoping that I really don’t have to change my name to Mrs. Stripeybell-Hoover when we get married on September 2nd!)

D’Artagnan Rumblepurr also sent a cake with his own special gift for the ladycats who got pedicures and massages in the spa while the boys pawtied in the bar.

I know that lots of other folks helped with #stripeypawty – @danapixie, @GeorgeTheDuck, @bunnyjeancook, and I know that I’m forgetting lots because Mama didn’t write everything down (duh! * whacks Mama in head with tail * ), and I had so many Blue Moons that I forgot (* smacks self in head with tail *)

Hollie even managed to get the Shibbering Cheetos to play for the last hour. They were amazing!

View pictures at http://picfog.com/search/H-stripeypawty, and read more about it at on @mattiedog’s blog at http://www.anipaltimes.com/2010/08/pawties-events-8/.

Love and thanks to EVERYONE who helped, and if I didn’t mention you, please comment, tweet me, or e-mail me, and I’ll put you on the list.

We hope that everyone will come to the wedding. The twtvite is at http://twtvite.com/stripeywedding. Please come!

A Twitter Wedding!

April 18, 2010

I’m a bit late in posting this, but in case some of you haven’t heard, Honeybell (@Wildboutbirds) and I have set a date! We’ll be getting married at the Mill Mountain Star in the Roanoke, VA area of the Twitterverse on September 2, 2010. (Not the 5th…sorry about that! Mama’s brain misfired!)

All anipals are invited! It will be from 7-9 PM EDT.

@hollieferguson is our wedding planner extraordinaire, @Petiethecat will be best man, and my sisfur Camme @HerGraceTheCat will be the maid of honor.

Stay tuned to Hollie’s Blog at http://hollieferguson6.blogspot.com/ for updates!

Honeybell and I got engaged on May 19, 2009, but since I’m quite a bit older than he has, we’ve been waiting for him to become a full-grown mancat before marrying.

We will live alternately between Honeybell’s family’s home in Florida and mine in Virginia. We’re not planning on having children, but we may adopt 🙂

We hope that all our anipals and their pet parents will be able to attend! * nose taps *


Thinking about phoning for pizza

February 10, 2010

I’m thinking about phoning out for pizza – I know I have the number written down somewhere here! Just as soon as I get awake enough to dial.

I wonder if they have turkey and lizard tails?

It’s Honeybell’s Birthday!

October 17, 2009

Happy 1st birthday to the light of my life, my most wonderful fiance’, Honeybell (@Wildboutbirds)!

Kisses and smoocheronis and many happy returns!

* KISS *

Honeybell + Stripey = True Love!

Honeybell + Stripey = True Love!

Sending healing vibrations…

July 12, 2009

…to my fiance @Wildboutbirds’ mama. @Wildboutbirds, his brofurs, his mama, and big guy are all my friends of my family, and we care about them very much.

His mama has a health challenge that sometimes makes her feel bad. This makes us very sad, because she’s such a nice lady and a wonderful future mama-in-law!

Would everyone who reads this please send healing vibrations to her?

Thank mew!


My handsome fiance' Honeybell playing in salad!

My handsome fiance' Honeybell playing in salad!

@Quadpaw selected me as Queen of the Week!

June 5, 2009

@Quadpawd selected me as Queen of the Week on his blog http://catswhotwitter.blogspot.com yesterday! I am sooooooooo honored!

Wearing my engagement rings…

May 19, 2009

Wearing the lovely engagement rings Honeybell gave me.

Wearing the lovely engagement rings Honeybell gave me.

Aren’t they lovely?

Nose taps,


I’m engaged!

May 17, 2009

Yesterday my sweetie, Honeybell (@Wildboutbirds on Twitter) asked me to marry him, and I accepted! He got me TWO rings – one is a turkey, because he knows that turkey is my very favorite treat (besides him ::blush::) – and another is a diamond!

One of my engagement rings from Honeybell - Turkey is my favorite treat!

One of my engagement rings from Honeybell - Turkey is my favorite treat!

My other engagement ring from Honeybell! A diamond!

My other engagement ring from Honeybell! A diamond!

We haven’t set a date yet. I’m a bit older than Honeybell, so we’re going to wait until he’s a full-grown mancat.

I’m so happy!!

* nose tap *