About “That Stripey Cat”

Hi!  My name is Stripey. I am a female gray tabby “of a certain age”, living with my pet parents and my sister-cat (not “litter-ally”) in Roanoke, VA, USA.

I am known for my tendency to eat things that I’m told cats don’t normally like – like grain products. But I like meat, too, and once I snatched an entire lamb chop off my mama’s plate.  There was a lot of excitement that day.

I got my name because (a) I’m stripey, and (b) when my parents first met me, I was living under the blue spruce tree in their front yard, and they referred to me at “that stripey cat”. Once I determined that they were parent material and convinced them to let me come inside, they got lazy and just started calling me Stripey. Oh, well. It fits.

I started this blog because it seems to me that stripey cats are insufficiently represented on the Internet, and I wanted to do some to remedy that situation.

I hope that you enjoy my blog.


P.S. I tweet @thatstripeycat.  If you Twitter, I’ll stalk…uh…follow you if you follow me. Unless you’re really obnoxious. Then I won’t.


2 Responses to “About “That Stripey Cat””

  1. Buffy Says:

    Welcome to the internet, Stripey! You are a photogenic sort of feline!

    • thatstripeycat Says:

      Thank you! I’ll have some pictures up as soon as I can get my mama to get some together.

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