Rumblepurr's #stripeypawty Present

Rumblepurr's RumbleCake

Many thanks for @HollieCatRocks and her beloved spouse @SamTheCatRocks for a most wonderful bridal shower and stag pawty – #stripeypawty – on August 6th.

The event was catered by @Herbie_Cat, and the food was pawesome! My handsome fiance’ @Wildboutbirds stuffed himself silly. (I’m hoping that I really don’t have to change my name to Mrs. Stripeybell-Hoover when we get married on September 2nd!)

D’Artagnan Rumblepurr also sent a cake with his own special gift for the ladycats who got pedicures and massages in the spa while the boys pawtied in the bar.

I know that lots of other folks helped with #stripeypawty – @danapixie, @GeorgeTheDuck, @bunnyjeancook, and I know that I’m forgetting lots because Mama didn’t write everything down (duh! * whacks Mama in head with tail * ), and I had so many Blue Moons that I forgot (* smacks self in head with tail *)

Hollie even managed to get the Shibbering Cheetos to play for the last hour. They were amazing!

View pictures at http://picfog.com/search/H-stripeypawty, and read more about it at on @mattiedog’s blog at http://www.anipaltimes.com/2010/08/pawties-events-8/.

Love and thanks to EVERYONE who helped, and if I didn’t mention you, please comment, tweet me, or e-mail me, and I’ll put you on the list.

We hope that everyone will come to the wedding. The twtvite is at http://twtvite.com/stripeywedding. Please come!


2 Responses to “#stripeypawty”

  1. HollieFergusonRocks Says:

    Dear Stripey. It is our pawsure to do this for you. Hee hee Mrs honeybell hoover MOL!! Lots of loves to you Stripey – glad you and HB and all had a great time. XOXXOXOO

  2. Honeybell Says:

    My dearest Stripey,

    I didn’t actually stuff myself silly, but had to try everything that dear @Herbie_Cat made! I did, however, have a belly ache for 2 days! I loved sneaking away and stealing some smoochies with you at the great #stripeypawty! Can’t wait for us to be Mr.and Mrs.Stripey- Honeybell! Love you to the moon! xo We are lucky to have so many nice friends that have done so much for us!

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