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A word about a friendly dog

February 3, 2011

Saving HomerAlthough I’m a cat, I have a fondness for all anipals, especially rescued ones like me.

One of the things my mama does to make money to buy me turkey is to help people develop web sites. Today she helped her friend and Valley Business FRONT editor develop a web site, Facebook page, and Twitter account to help promote his children’s book, Saving Homer.

It’s a really nice illustrated children’s book about a group of neighborhood children who rescue a Basset hound named Homer from the dog catcher.

I would love it if all my anipal friends and animal rescue organizations – especially Basset hound rescue groups – would stop in and say hi to Homer. You might even want to buy the book. It’s great for kids and adults alike who love nice animal stories with happy endings.

You can find Homer at: