Is is strange that cats twitter?

April 30, 2009

Mama tells people that her two cats have Twitter accounts and have found boyfriends on Twitter. Most of these people think that’s pretty neat – even the fact that we have more followers than she does.

Other people, however, give her a strange look or roll their eyes or ask her if she doesn’t have enough to do.

Those of us who have been to a #pawpawty or two have seen humans (and I use the term loosely) barge into a the pawty and make unkind or rude comments. Most of them apologize once they find out that #pawpawties are fundraisers for animal charities.

Some groups have objected when they saw #pawpawties trending on Twitter. Once there as even an #ldsconf (LDS conference) that competed with our pawty deliberately.

Now, I ask you, which of us is strange?

Purrrrrs to all my furriends and anipals on Twitter!



I think I have a boyfriend!

April 16, 2009

His name is Honeybell, but most of us on Twitter (where he goes by @Wildboutbirds) call him Hunkerbell. He’s an almost six-month old orange tabby, and even though I’m much older (and larger) than he is, I think he loves me! And I love him! He says that I make his heart feel all warm and happy. I just wanted to write it out here in public – he makes my heart feel all warm and happy, too!

Unfortunately, I’m in Virginia and Hunkerbell is in Florida. This makes actually snuggling very difficult! But I do so enjoy his tweets, and I wanted the rest of the world to see how handsome he is.

My sweetie, Hunkerbell, with his chickie.

My sweetie, Hunkerbell, with his chickie.

I hope you have a special sweetie, too!


P.S. I must have a think for orange tabbies, because @OrangeGene is quite nice, too :: blush ::

Places I like to nap.

March 31, 2009

There are lots of good places in my house for cats to nap. They are divided between me and my sister, Cammie (@HerGraceTheCat), who is extremely bossy. She was here first, though, so mostly I don’t take her places. I’ve found my own, and I think they’re better, anyway.

For instance, Cammie likes to lie beside Papa in bed. Well, Cammie and I have a deal where we never actually touch each other, so I lie on the other side of Papa, up against Mama. She only gets one people, but I get two. Who’s smarter now?

My mama’s Build-A-Bear Workshop bear, Thistle, has a soft red sports car that’s just his size, but guess what? It’s just my size, too! I’m really lucky that he lets me nap in it. Cammie has sniffed at it a few times, but she knows that it’s mine so she mostly leaves it alone.

Sometimes my mama and papa are sort of dense, but sometimes they are surprisingly smart. For instance, the last time they bought a new sofa, they got one with a very soft and squishy back that was long enough to extend under both of the windows in the den. Cammie gets one window on one end, and I get the other. Of course, my window is better!

But the best place to lie is on my people…when I can get them to hold still long enough, that is. Here’s a picture of me on my papa, who behaved properly for a little bit. So nice when pet-parents do what they’re supposed to do!

Taking advantage of Papa on the comfy couch

Taking advantage of Papa on the comfy couch

Gee, I’m tired out from all this writing. I think I’ll go nap on my side of the bed.

*nosetaps* to all,


My mama and papa sure do love Eeyores!

March 28, 2009

And so do I!

And so do I!


What am I not supposed to take off Hunni’s shoes?

March 27, 2009



Bad mama!

March 25, 2009

Mama has been sooooo busy working on her web site list of people from Roanoke, VA (Virginia) who tweet, that she hasn’t had time to help my with my blog entries. (She looks up words for me when I don’t know how to spell them.)

But if you’re from Roanoke, and you tweet (or you know someone who does), go to to find other like-minded souls. And if you want to be on the list, just twitter her at @janeson59.

Hopefully, she’ll get this out of her system shortly so I can put her back to work!


@HerGraceTheCat has a blog now, too. Copy cat!

March 24, 2009

Well, wouldn’t you just know it. Here I get a nice blog going, and my sister Cammie (@HerGraceTheCat) gets one going, too.



P.S. If you must, you can visit it at

The differences between black cats and stripey cats.

March 22, 2009
This is my papa, after training.

This is my papa, after training.

For a long time, my parents treated me the same way that they treated my sister, a black cat named Cammie (aka @HerGraceTheCat). This was Not A Good Thing. It took me a while, but I finally taught them that stripey cats are different, in at least two important ways, from black cats.

Yes, we both use the litter box and want our food NOW, but black cats (at least the two that my mama and papa learned on) seem to be highly averse to being picked up. They also seem to dislike people other than the staff being in the house. So for a long time, Mama and Papa left me on the ground and assumed that when people came to visit, that I would run and hide like Cammie does.

The second problem was easy to fix. When Mama and Papa had guests, instead of running and hiding behind the couch, I would come out and flop in the middle of the foyer and greet the new people. Mama and Papa were appalled! And Cammie even accused me of being promiscuous! Well, hello! I LIKE to be petted. My people don’t devote their every waking moment to petting me (as, of course, they should), so what did they expect?

While Cammie is off behind the sofa, pouting, I’m all stretched out getting petted and being told how cute I am. What could be better than that?

(Okay, I wouldn’t mind if people would quit mentioning how big I am, but if they’ll pet me, I’ll tolerate it.)

Now teaching my parents to pick me up was a little more difficult. I’d walk up to them and meow, but they’d think I wanted food or something. I’d walk on their desks and meow, but they’d just assume I wanted to be petted.

FINALLY one day I was on something I wasn’t supposed to be on (as if!), and Mama picked me up. I started purring instantly, since humans seem to like that sort of thing, and Mama carried me around the house. How cool is that? I could get held and petted and cooed to and get to look at things from a whole new perspective all at once!

Now Mama knows that when I go sit on her desk while she’s there, that I want to be picked up and carried around (I call it a “ride around”) for a while. And all I have to do is wiggle a little and she’ll put me down.

Cammie and stay on the ground and pout if she wants me, but me? I’ll take all the cuddles I can get – on the ground or in the air!

I hope that you all get all the cuddles that you want!


I like to drink out of the sink.

March 21, 2009

Mama and Papa are very nice to me and @HerGraceTheCat. They leave a pitcher full of water in the sink so we can drink out of it. Somehow, the water in that tastes better than the water they keep in our bowls.

It’s nice to have such well-trained pet-parents!


Isn't it nice of Mama and Papa to leave a pitcher in the sink?

Isn't it nice of Mama and Papa to leave a pitcher in the sink?

Brownie said I should post pictures.

March 19, 2009

@BrownieHamster was sweet enough to leave a comment here and suggested that I add some more pictures. Good idea, Brownie!

My Build-A-Bear Workshop friend, Thistle, got a car for Christmas. He let me drive!


I like to ride in cars!

I like to ride in cars!