The differences between black cats and stripey cats.

This is my papa, after training.

This is my papa, after training.

For a long time, my parents treated me the same way that they treated my sister, a black cat named Cammie (aka @HerGraceTheCat). This was Not A Good Thing. It took me a while, but I finally taught them that stripey cats are different, in at least two important ways, from black cats.

Yes, we both use the litter box and want our food NOW, but black cats (at least the two that my mama and papa learned on) seem to be highly averse to being picked up. They also seem to dislike people other than the staff being in the house. So for a long time, Mama and Papa left me on the ground and assumed that when people came to visit, that I would run and hide like Cammie does.

The second problem was easy to fix. When Mama and Papa had guests, instead of running and hiding behind the couch, I would come out and flop in the middle of the foyer and greet the new people. Mama and Papa were appalled! And Cammie even accused me of being promiscuous! Well, hello! I LIKE to be petted. My people don’t devote their every waking moment to petting me (as, of course, they should), so what did they expect?

While Cammie is off behind the sofa, pouting, I’m all stretched out getting petted and being told how cute I am. What could be better than that?

(Okay, I wouldn’t mind if people would quit mentioning how big I am, but if they’ll pet me, I’ll tolerate it.)

Now teaching my parents to pick me up was a little more difficult. I’d walk up to them and meow, but they’d think I wanted food or something. I’d walk on their desks and meow, but they’d just assume I wanted to be petted.

FINALLY one day I was on something I wasn’t supposed to be on (as if!), and Mama picked me up. I started purring instantly, since humans seem to like that sort of thing, and Mama carried me around the house. How cool is that? I could get held and petted and cooed to and get to look at things from a whole new perspective all at once!

Now Mama knows that when I go sit on her desk while she’s there, that I want to be picked up and carried around (I call it a “ride around”) for a while. And all I have to do is wiggle a little and she’ll put me down.

Cammie and stay on the ground and pout if she wants me, but me? I’ll take all the cuddles I can get – on the ground or in the air!

I hope that you all get all the cuddles that you want!




3 Responses to “The differences between black cats and stripey cats.”

  1. Black Cat Says:

    I found your blog through Boris. It’s great! I’m glad you like being picked up. There are some black cats who like to be picked up though. Oliver was one such (though not by strangers)! 🙂 xxx

    • thatstripeycat Says:

      I’ll pass that the tidbit on to @HerGraceTheCat. I bet she’ll give me a funny look!

  2. Otter Says:

    Heh, guess who lost your blog address. Well, us Otters can’t remember ever li’l thang, specially when we go off on missions which require so much memory work.

    But we surely do like your blog.

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