Is is strange that cats twitter?

Mama tells people that her two cats have Twitter accounts and have found boyfriends on Twitter. Most of these people think that’s pretty neat – even the fact that we have more followers than she does.

Other people, however, give her a strange look or roll their eyes or ask her if she doesn’t have enough to do.

Those of us who have been to a #pawpawty or two have seen humans (and I use the term loosely) barge into a the pawty and make unkind or rude comments. Most of them apologize once they find out that #pawpawties are fundraisers for animal charities.

Some groups have objected when they saw #pawpawties trending on Twitter. Once there as even an #ldsconf (LDS conference) that competed with our pawty deliberately.

Now, I ask you, which of us is strange?

Purrrrrs to all my furriends and anipals on Twitter!



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7 Responses to “Is is strange that cats twitter?”

  1. OrangeGene Says:

    Wut’s an LDS?

  2. thatstripeycat Says:

    LDS = Latter Day Saints – The Mormons 🙂

  3. OrangeGene Says:

    so it’s not for dogs afflicted by Lazy Dog Syndrome?

  4. Reese =^..^= Says:

    Hi Stripey Cat. I come to visit you bloggy!

  5. HotMBC Says:

    Nope, it’s not strange dat cats twitter. We cats haf been bloggin an havin chat pawties thru Cat Blogosphere for yeers. And I meeted my boyfriendcat online! He’s purrfect fur me!
    Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

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