I think I have a boyfriend!

His name is Honeybell, but most of us on Twitter (where he goes by @Wildboutbirds) call him Hunkerbell. He’s an almost six-month old orange tabby, and even though I’m much older (and larger) than he is, I think he loves me! And I love him! He says that I make his heart feel all warm and happy. I just wanted to write it out here in public – he makes my heart feel all warm and happy, too!

Unfortunately, I’m in Virginia and Hunkerbell is in Florida. This makes actually snuggling very difficult! But I do so enjoy his tweets, and I wanted the rest of the world to see how handsome he is.

My sweetie, Hunkerbell, with his chickie.

My sweetie, Hunkerbell, with his chickie.

I hope you have a special sweetie, too!


P.S. I must have a think for orange tabbies, because @OrangeGene is quite nice, too :: blush ::


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7 Responses to “I think I have a boyfriend!”

  1. Misha Says:

    You can always try a bit of virtual snuggling!

  2. RockumSockum Says:

    He’s quite the handsome fella. I have 2 orange catsibs. One is an orange tabby named Opie and the other is a lighter orange Maine Coon named Pudgey. But we live in Florida too.

  3. TotallyLamont Says:

    It is gud that you have a special friend. He looks really great. My special friend is @LloydBoy and he is orange too!

    I have stayed at @OrangeGene’s house before. He’s an interesting guy…

  4. Jed Bramwell Says:

    Hi Stripey!
    It’s Jed from Twitter, stopping by to say “HI!!!!”
    Wow, yous gots a boyfrund? I’m a bearchelour meself.
    Anyways, have a nice day!
    Jed xoxo

  5. Emmythecat Says:

    I can see what you see in Hunkerbell. He is so cute and really sweet. He may be young but he didn’t get named Hunkerbell for nothing! You make a lovely kitty couple. Remember, distance makes the heart grow fonder! I’ve also found that once I have to share a litterbox with someone, the romance of it all can wane a wee bit.

  6. Pandafur Says:

    Stripey you is so lucky, Hunkerbell is the bestest! Meow!

  7. OrangeGene Says:

    oh SNAP! You better take care of her, Hunkerbell, or I be a cat a’waitin’ in thee shadows.

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