Places I like to nap.

There are lots of good places in my house for cats to nap. They are divided between me and my sister, Cammie (@HerGraceTheCat), who is extremely bossy. She was here first, though, so mostly I don’t take her places. I’ve found my own, and I think they’re better, anyway.

For instance, Cammie likes to lie beside Papa in bed. Well, Cammie and I have a deal where we never actually touch each other, so I lie on the other side of Papa, up against Mama. She only gets one people, but I get two. Who’s smarter now?

My mama’s Build-A-Bear Workshop bear, Thistle, has a soft red sports car that’s just his size, but guess what? It’s just my size, too! I’m really lucky that he lets me nap in it. Cammie has sniffed at it a few times, but she knows that it’s mine so she mostly leaves it alone.

Sometimes my mama and papa are sort of dense, but sometimes they are surprisingly smart. For instance, the last time they bought a new sofa, they got one with a very soft and squishy back that was long enough to extend under both of the windows in the den. Cammie gets one window on one end, and I get the other. Of course, my window is better!

But the best place to lie is on my people…when I can get them to hold still long enough, that is. Here’s a picture of me on my papa, who behaved properly for a little bit. So nice when pet-parents do what they’re supposed to do!

Taking advantage of Papa on the comfy couch

Taking advantage of Papa on the comfy couch

Gee, I’m tired out from all this writing. I think I’ll go nap on my side of the bed.

*nosetaps* to all,




3 Responses to “Places I like to nap.”

  1. Carol Says:

    I think I need a nap now too! Cute story!

  2. Her Grace Says:

    Just as long as you stay in your places!

  3. Lily the Dachshund @princess_lily Says:

    Hello That Stripey Cat, it’s nice to see you and your Papa and to hear more about your adventures with Her Grace. The 2 cats in my house have their own sleeping places too. Unfortunately they don’t have the same respect for dog places. I often find The One Eyed Cat in my special igloo bed (it is a bed designed for cats, but I like to snuggle). And the Fluffy Cat is usually on the rottweiler’s giant bed most of the day. She looks ridiculous on it. Your sofa sounds great. If we had one like that, maybe the cats and I could all share it.

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