Bad mama!

Mama has been sooooo busy working on her web site list of people from Roanoke, VA (Virginia) who tweet, that she hasn’t had time to help my with my blog entries. (She looks up words for me when I don’t know how to spell them.)

But if you’re from Roanoke, and you tweet (or you know someone who does), go to to find other like-minded souls. And if you want to be on the list, just twitter her at @janeson59.

Hopefully, she’ll get this out of her system shortly so I can put her back to work!




3 Responses to “Bad mama!”

  1. Buffy Says:

    Poor little kitten! I think you should flop down on her keyboard until she pays enough attention to you!

  2. Her Grace Says:

    Ahem. I’d advise shedding on her. Or in her computer – just find the side the air is going in, and shed there. Works wonders on those things.

  3. Hunks Says:

    We love you, Stripey~ thanks for good vibrations; Paws to heart purrrss *kisses

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