I have a new friend.

He is named Sinbad, and he tweets at @CatnamedSinbad. He missed the #pawpawty because he was new and didn’t know about it, but he asked me to spread the word that he wants new furriends and that he will throw a purring pawty one day.

Won’t you stalk…er…follow @CatnamedSinbad with me?



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3 Responses to “I have a new friend.”

  1. Wildboutbirds Says:

    Hi, I am Honeybell and I am a boy-even though my name implies a girl…Grrrr…Mom and Dad saved me from being a feral kitty…I am a spoiled baby now about 2 months old.I share my house with 6 other cats and a loud room of cockatiels. A lot of action around here but especially love sleeping in the big king bed…It sure beats the tree I was living in.

  2. thatstripeycat Says:

    It’s so great when humans take care of us! Even if they can be rather frustrating sometimes. Be sure to follow Honeybell at @Wildboutbirds!


  3. EmmytheCat Says:

    I am honoured to twitter with @thatstripeycat, @wildaboutbirds and a @catnamedsinbad and many other great kitties about the things that really matter – food, naps, cuddles, play, naps, garden patrol, treats, housemates, naps and of course our staff. All the things that really matter to a cat.

    I’ve met anipals from all over the world. It’s great.

    Our twittering isn’t limited to cats either. At the recent St Paw’s pawpawty to raise funds for a No Kill Shelter we twittered partied for 24 hours with cats, dogs, ferrets, hamsters, horses and even a donkey, moose and llama.

    It’s a great life when you’re a cat with a computer.

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